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Your time is precious—and so is your health. This is why we seek to support you by making your health our priority, so you can do everything else you need to do.

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Aisling Larkin is a wellness advocate & TV chef with a solid belief that a holistic and multi-faceted approach to food and wellness will create a path for living life to its fullest. Aisling believes that delicious food can be created using good quality, seasonal ingredients, simple techniques and foods full of delicious umami and clever flavour combinations.

She has designed an entire new menu that is wholesome, nourishing, delicious, satisfying and nutritionally balanced. A key belief of Aisling’s is that in order to bring back the joy of food to our lives we need to relearn the art and science of eating. Her approach is based in the psychology of behaviour change and the physiology of sensory eating, and appetite, along with mindful eating tenants rooted in the ancient wisdoms of Buddhist philosophy.

Aisling had spent the last decade travelling the world and learning about best practice in global food models, training in the psychology and physiology of feeding, along with being only a handful of people in Europe trained in the MB-EAT Mindful Eating Programme. As well as completing her M.Sc in Culinary Innovation and FDP Aisling has worked with numerous global food brands on recipe & food development. 

Aisling has created the Enrich food and wellness programme which is based on a progressive, inclusive and intuitive approach to helping people to eat and live in a way that supports their well-being.



Enrich is a first in the corporate world. As a company we see you and hear you. We didn’t create this programme to be about us, we created a food centric holistic wellness programme that is for you… to support you on your wellness journey. 

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Enrich is built on a foundation of integrity, expert knowledge, and key pillars of well-being. You can trust that each element of the Enrich programme has been carefully considered and chosen for maximum effectiveness.

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expert knowledge

Our well-being team approach is systematic, agile and human centric , they take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to different aspects of people’s needs, meeting them where they are at in that present moment when they need care and support and continuing to bring people on that journey allowing them to develop and gain a higher sense of purpose and contentment as they continue to engage and evolve with the well-being programme.

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key pillars of well-being

Our pillars of wellbeing supports employees in addressing key pillars of well-being such as physical, emotional, social wellbeing as well as helping individuals to engage with their own ‘sense of purpose”


Enrich Food

As a community of like minded people, we appreciate that individuals don’t need to be convinced to eat healthy anymore, they need a reason to trust that this is the right choice for them.  We created food for them, for their nourishment, their convenience, and their well-being. 

The Enrich food offer is based on a modern and flexible approach to eating and this forms the foundation of our nutritional balanced, complete meals, aligned specifically to your lifestyle. Each meal has the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. When these elements are in balance you can experience sustained levels of energy throughout the day and improve your overall well-being over the long term. Simply put, this means that with each Enrich dish you can trust that you get maximum nutrition, ultimate convenience and most importantly deliciously designed dishes for satiety. 

Each ingredient has been selected with such conscious consideration in order to maximise your nutrition and satiety levels. Aisling Larkin has created dishes that are flavour led and nutrient dense for maximum levels of satiety. Each dish uses fibre-rich vegetables, slow-release wholegrain in their most unprocessed wholesome state along with lean proteins and good fats to keep you full and satisfied.

We want you to feel good about your meals, from beginning to end, which is why we put the same effort into selecting the ingredients in your meals as we do into the packaging it comes in. We use only compostable packaging along with consciously sourced, nutrient dense, flavourful ingredients.

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We have created meal plans to fuel and sustain you and your wellness journey. By analysing your data the Enrich programme will assign you to a meal plan which best supports your current well-being lifestyle.


1800 - 2100 calories

At 1800 calories the pure plan is our lowest calorie option. It is packed full of variety, flavour and quality calories perfect for those who are looking to reset or perhaps are not as physically active right now as they would like to be. 

Breakfast: 300-400kcals 
Lunch: 450 - 600kcals 
Dinner: 600-700kcals 
Snack: 200-300kcals 


2101 - 2499 calories

Flexible and nutrient dense options each day at breakfast, lunch and snack time this 2000 calorie meal plan is perfect for keeping you energised and your wellness on track.

Breakfast : 350-450kcals 
Lunch : 550 - 650kcals 
Dinner : 700-800kcals 
Snack : 200-300kcals


2500 + calories

Designed for those leading active lifestyles this is the highest calorie plan. It is packed full of nutrient dense dishes to fuel those physically active and busy days.

Breakfast : 425 - 550kcals 
Lunch : 600-700kcals 
Dinner : 800-900kcals 
Snack : 200-300kcals x 2