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Committing to consistent exercise

Committing to a regular habit of moving your body is one of the best things you can do for your health, both in body and mind. The key is to shift our thinking about exercise from workouts, to simply moving more in our everyday lives. Building a life where you can move freely in your body, with ease, allows you to keep doing whatever it is that you love, for as long as possible.
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How to start (and continue) movement

Here at Enrich, we’ve spoken a lot about the benefits that can come from incorporating movement into your life. Our bodies are designed to move, with a whole host of mental and physical health improvements coming alongside. Our wellness pillar Joyful Movement is movement reimagined, so that it can become a source of pleasure, a way to take time for yourself and connect with your body. Engaging in regular movement can help with stress management, improved sleep, and community building.
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Nature and physical activity

Our Enrich theme for the month is Open. Can you open your mind and consider a fresh perspective and a new way of thinking about exercise? We are asking you to reframe previous experiences and consider how can movement add to your life. Connecting with nature and fresh air is a fantastic way to get movement into your day, as well as creating a host of other health benefits which can really add to our overall wellbeing.
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Benefits of Joyful Movement

Why exercise and any sort of movement is known to benefit your physical health, research has begun to suggest that it also benefits your mental, emotional, and social health too.
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Top Tips for 5k and Marathon Running

Remember, just like life it is not a sprint but a marathon and in those hard moments just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
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Joyful Movement & Why You Should Do It.

We want to introduce you to the concept of Joyful Movement. Joyful movement is exercise reimagined, so that it’s not a chore or a necessity, but instead something that is fun and brings you joy! We want you to find movement that you like, so that you embrace it and naturally want to increase its frequency and intensity.